Employability Index

The present education system produces a lot of students who lacks competitive skills and job orientation.Majority of students who enter Higher Education (College education) lack skills, values, talents and positive attitude towards their career thus failing in employability aspects.They are not guided and led on their interests/Dreams/Skills which they are possessing.Most of them are weak in English/Language Skills, Mathematics/Quantitative or Qualitative Reasoning and Science/Innovations subjects as well as communication skills and lacks social awareness including Ethics and Integrity, hence they struggle in college education and failing in life to find out a suitable career which suits their social status.They also lacks general awareness and are not updated on current happenings of national or international affairs. So they are failing in national level competitive examinations including exams like Civil Services though they are highly qualified.Workplace does not get the required skilled youth though students who have passed their examinations with flying colours,even though MNC’s are ready to pay high packages to employees.There is no educational tool for measuring skill-set of a individual for Employability or 360 Degree assessment module for recruiting agencies/Employers.

WWCS is introducing Employability Index as a one-stop solution to HR Managers.The various modules involved in Index are:
Personalized Proforma

Professional Proforma

Academic Proforma

Social Proforma

Co-curricular Proforma

Update on volunteer activities

Academic Institutions Report

Individual Time-line

Overview of In-borne Talents and Acquired Skills

Assessed Skills

Subject Knowledge

Managerial Skills

Analytical Skills

Ethics and Integrity

Social Integration Skills

Attitude and Aptitude

Innovative Skills

Experience in Projects/Assignments

Proposed Employable Areas etc.