“Firstly i would like to thank all members who organised this class.This class has been a great  value not only for me but all who participated. from this small class section i learned so many things that any schools can never provide.also i made so many new friends,learned how to behave,fear of stage was gone,how interact within a short period,learnt few things on craft,and yoga.and lastly from now on i will go to vacation classes because this was my first one.i hope coaching for best 30 will also be like this.”
“I am also proud to be a candidate of Wwcs&JCI maraman camp .it give me some important lessons for respect and behave.Benny kuriacos sir and Nithin sir’s class was very effective we want more class like this.I like to thank Hareesh Kumar sir, craft teacher ,Lipin sir ,James sir  and all the program coordinators especially my friends to give me such wonderful day’s .I was afraid  that I am a state syllabus student but that doesn’t matter there .we are one soul .proud to be a part of this.thanks for this opportunity.”

“Classes under WWCS Brand Ambassador Shri.Lipin Raj on 19 July 2015 was very nice.I really liked the activities and the morals from it .Actually I am not active in group activities but those activities inspired me to be active in group activities.The idea of  library made me very happy.Thanking you all for this platform.”

Mansu Susan Joji
‘Best 30′ – WWCS Pathanamthitta
Citadel Residential School,Ranni,Pathanamthitta

“I loved the WWCS class a lot. From the classroom sessions, I understood how to face a work given to us.Also I have learned that how to think in a place which we are not familiar.”

Ameena Salim
G.H.S.S. Kadamanitta

“Actually, its a very good class for me…I believe that Classes like this will improve my academics and also reading habit.Thanking WWCS for the last class..”

Reshma S Nair
Carmel Convent English Medium School Thadiyoor

“The class room session conducted on 19th July 2015 was very nice.The group activities helped me to learn a lot from them”

Ann Mary Roy
Marthoma Senior Secondary School,Kozhencherry

 “I am very happy to send the feedback of our last class room session.I was very eager to participate in the session.The introductory class helped me to understand the importance and interest which have provided towards me.The group activities helped us to know each others names and also gave a mentality of cooperation. The syllabus discussion helped  me to get an overall idea about what I am going to study through this  course.”

Anu Ann James
St.Thomas H.S.S Kozhencherry

“It was splendid being with the Best 30 of Pathanamthitta not only that also feeling proud of being one among them.Talking about the class It was nice to have some time to be spent with our Brand Ambassador Lipin Raj Sir and hearing about his vision which he wants to be achieved.The class was lively throughout.We had group activity which ensured each one of us had our opinions to be spoken out .This also helps us to develop our language skills not only that but also to lessen our fear of speaking in front of a group.The Eiffel tower building group activity was great as it made each student to think out of their brains.The hard work from each members of WWCS must be appreciated.Thanking you all for giving us a grest platform.”
Govind Gopal Nair
Mar Thoma Senior Secondary School Kozhencherry

“Walk with civil servant’s first contact class had  a wonderful and blissful start, which really served as an eye-opener to many of us. The brand ambassador Shri.Lipin Raj Sir’s presence made the session further more inspiring and motivating.Several group activities that were part of the session made each one of us to make a quick acquaintance with each other. Those activities really made me think over several trivial things with a wide and different perspective.An overall view of the whole syllabus which was introduced to us in the last class gave us a clear picture of this guidance program. “
Parvathy S
Chinmaya Vidyalaya Chengannur.