WWCS is a not-for-profit venture and started by a group of Academic community members and professionals working in close with areas of Competitive Examination Coaching specially IAS and allied Services or Group A Civil Services including Assessment of Skills in both academic and non-academic spheres. They have derived the energy, motivation as well as guidance from Civil Servants and Working Professionals. They are the personification of hard work, determination with a Will to achieve.Aim of WWCS is to ensure Online Learning in area of Competitive Examination Coaching based on the idea ‘Employability Curricula’.

Being influenced by the ideas put forwarded by various Civil Servants, Walk with a Civil Servant is working as a Registered Trust comprising a Team of Academic Co-ordinator, Administrative Co-ordinator, Technical Co-ordinator etc. along with a group of Assistant Co-ordinators and District Co-ordinators.

 Many children failed due to, lack of preparatory time for the exam and a major reason for the birth of Walk with a Civil Servant.

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